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Instagram Month: #cchanaholdingthings

Week 27.0 — 30th April '18

The world of memes moves so fast it's hard to keep up and even participate when there's so much more going on in life. To help inspire me to take more photos and to give myself some focus, I created the #cchanaholdingthings hashtag on Instagram (also available on Flickr). It started of as a bit of fun, and the purchase of an ice cream cone in October 2017, has now spawned into a personal collection of 43 photos (and growing) with objects ranging from bottles of alcohol to little pieces of tech.

Favourite #cchanaholdingthings photos

As the collection continues to grow I do have some favourites, five of which I've shared below.

Water bottle
Water bottle
Ice cream
Ice cream
Dyson hoover
Dyson hoover
Liverpool FC alphabet mug
Liverpool FC alphabet mug
Nest Thermostat
Nest Thermostat

How to take a #cchanaholdingthings photo

Sharing photos in the modern world is hard, but taking them is easy. Portrait Mode on the iPhone makes it really easy to add emphasis to a photo and my the tool of choice for taking these photos which is harder than it should be. Technical limitations mean that the object has to be a certain distance away which is a real stretch for larger items. Not impossible, but enough to make it uncomfortable and for my nose to get involved to help focus and highlight the object in the photo.

Not that I'm complaining, the results are always great and I love sharing the photos. If you'd like to see more, follow me on Instagram.

Take a look back at week 10 where we looked at how to take better photos. Editing is a key part of it to really make the photos stand out but as I said, Portrait Mode really does all the hard work. Apple published a number of tutorials and featurettes on Portrait Mode on their YouTube channel and you can see the basics here:

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Quick links and commentary on interesting articles, videos and more throughout the week.

  1. 27.1 – Monday
    1. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange ethan_kahn on reddit.com
    2. Legendary Disney animator, Glen Keane on VR BuzzFeedNews on twitter.com
    3. Visiting Chernobyl 32 years after the disaster theatlantic.com
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  2. 27.2 – Tuesday
    1. 16 bad things that are decreasing in the world TallArcher on reddit.com
    2. Vintage neon signs available for auction from the 2018 Dingman Collection rmsothebys.com
    3. Legoland Japan builds a life-size sakura tree with a record 800,000 bricks thomasya13 on reddit.com
    4. 15 patents that changed the world kottke.org
    5. Lofree QTV retro Bluetooth speaker coolmaterial.com
    6. Season 5 of Arrested Development is close and a recut version of season 4 available Friday Mitch Hurwitz on twitter.com
  3. 27.3 – Wednesday
    1. Philips Fabric Shaver $ amazon.co.uk
    2. 13 Reasons Why date announcement for season 2 Netflix on youtube.com
    3. UMO: Modular 10W Qi wireless charger thingyfy on kickstarter.com
    4. Images of disappearing jobs theatlantic.com
    5. Gaia's Milky Way Gaia on apod.nasa.gov
    6. Total Solar eclipse corona in HDR Nicolas Lefaudeux on apod.nasa.gov
    7. Ant-Man and The Wasp trailer 2 Marvel Entertainment on youtube.com
    8. The always right arrow theawesomer.com
  4. 27.4 – Thursday
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    2. Pre-dawn landscape at Haleakala, Hawaii soupyhands on reddit.com
    3. Artist uses sunlight instead of a paintbrush Mashable Daily on youtube.com
    4. A thread on range anxiety Tom Randall on twitter.com
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  5. 27.5 – Friday
    1. Brazil World Cup jerseys through history BuzzFeedVideo on youtube.com
    2. Arrested Development: Star Wars Star Wars on youtube.com
    3. maha Tabi maharishistore.com
    4. Mount Kilauea volcano erupts in Hawaii bbc.co.uk

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