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Instagram Month: Iceland

Week 26.0 — 23rd April '18

Hawaii might be my first love as a holiday destination, but Iceland isn't far behind despite the far lower temperatures and less exotic settings. Iceland has it's own charm and culture that help it make it onto the bucket list for so many. The Northern Lights are just one of the many highlights you can find. This week, you'll find 4 of my favourite photographers that use Iceland as their subject.

Rikki Chan @rikki.clc

Rikki Chan is a travel photographer with any eye for aerial photography.

Rikki Chan on Instagram

Gunnar Freyr @icelandic_explorer

Gunnar Freyr is the Icelandic Explorer who captures great photos of the wildlife, ice and beautiful landscapes of Iceland..

Gunnar Freyr on Instagram

Asa Steinars @asasteinars

Another travel photographer, Asa Steinars's focus is often Iceland. As with Gunnar, you can find ice, wildlife and the beautiful but harsh Icelandic lanscapes.

Asa Steinars on Instagram


Last up, is Icelandair, the official airline of Iceland and their Instagram account is a great way to explore and find photos.

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