Instagram Month: Hawaii

Week 24 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2018-04-09.

Hawaii has, and always will hold a special place in my heart so it's no surprise that I have follow a good number of Hawaiians on Instagram. This week, you'll find 5 of my favourites that invoke a great sense of adventure and/or longing to be back in Honolulu.

Bruce Omori @bruceomori

Bruce Omori's photography of Hawaii is completely different to everyone else that's featured here. His love for lava brings some interesting photos that are full of danger and heat.

Bruce Omori on Instagram

Paradise Soccer Club @paradisesoccerclub

Football is my favourite sport and Hawaii is my favourite destination so it's fitting to feature an account that combines both in a World Cup year!. Paradise Soccer Club often showcase their skills and their attire, but it's their photos of football against the back drop of the Oahu that are the most inspiring. What I'd give to be able to join a game of football in the shadow of Diamond Head Mountain...

Paradise Soccer Club on Instagram

Jonavan Crail @jonavancrail

Jonavan Crail is the man behind Wet Dreamz Hawaii, a Hawaiian brand that features Hawaiian landscapes, photos and iconography on items of clothing.

What Jonavan is particularly good at is photography in the water, or more accurately, photography where he is in the water.

Jonavan Crail on Instagram

Kawika Lopez @darthkanaka

It's the aerial photography that got me hooked on the photos of Kawika Lopez. As you island hop around the state of Hawaii, it's the colour of the ocean and the breathtaking hillsides that really leave an impression. What Lopez does really well is capture how impressive the natural side of Hawaii is, follow and judge for yourself.

 Kawika Lopez on Instagram

Hawaiian Airlines

Last up, is Hawaiian Airlines is the official airline of Hawaii and their Instagram account is a great way to explore and find photos. They of course feature photos of their own, be it their staff or their planes, but they also feature photos by local artists and tourists too.

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