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Week 49.0 — 1st October '18

For the last 11 years, David Thorne has shared the various ways in which he's annoyed co-workers and neighbours for his own entertainment. Thankfully he shares these stories with us too. The ways in which he is able to wind people is almost admirable. He can push buttons in a way that I could only dream of doing.

The website itself hasn't changed much in the last 9 years. The B in 27B/6 is now uppercase rather than lowercase, but there's not much more in it. It's surprisingly very good at displaying the contents of an email thread too which really helps to tell the stories. The most amusing to me are the ones that feature colleagues/clients who expect design work for little or no compensation. Perhaps Thorne goes to far in his attempts to make a point, but you've got to love the commitment. Here's my top 5:

While the website is a great intro to his world, Thorne has also authored 9 books featuring essays and previously unpublished stories.

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Quick links and commentary on interesting articles, videos and more throughout the week.

  1. 49.1 – Monday
    1. 1000-year-old Japanese joinery techniques farbodsaraf on mobile.twitter.com
    2. Serenity trailer Aviron Pictures on trailers.apple.com
    3. Ride trailer RLJE Films on trailers.apple.com
    4. Mesmerising video shows the crowded skies above London's airports during the busiest summer on record telegraph.co.uk
  2. 49.2 – Tuesday
    1. The Curry Shop Is Coming First We Feast on youtube.com
  3. 49.3 – Wednesday
    1. New idents for BBC Two superunion.com
    2. iPhone XS: Why It's A Whole New Camera blog.halide.cam
    3. They Shall Not Grow Old trailer Trafalgar Releasing on youtube.com
  4. 49.4 – Thursday
    1. Adjustable wooden bench toxel.com
    2. LEGO Apple Park Spencer_R on flickr.com
    3. Vice trailer Annapurna Pictures on youtube.com
    4. CNFG X Futuraconfigurableart on instagram.com
    5. Remembering Apollo 8's Iconic Earthrise Photo kottke.org
  5. 49.5 – Friday
    1. The Web Design Museum kottke.org
    2. Triumph logo artlebedev.com
    3. Lots and lots of control panels kottke.org
  6. 49.6 – Saturday
    1. Going, going, gone... banksy on instagram.com
  7. 49.7 – Sunday
    1. Good Omens trailer Amazon Prime Video on youtube.com

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