4 Comedies worth watching twice

Week 227 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2022-02-28.

Arrested Development

If you know me, you probably know I've watched Arrested Development multiple times. I'm probably overdue a watch of that masterpiece.

It's a show that delivers more on subsequent viewings as you notice preludes in earlier seasons and episodes. The word play is brilliant and the characters are the best at being the worst.

You can find out more about Arrested Development on IMDb.

But that's not the only show I'm a huge fan off. If you're ever stuck for a show to binge, then refer back to this short list for some inspiration.

The Smoking Room

Quite literally set in a smoking room, this show seemed to air at an odd time: just as the UK introduced a law to ban indoor smoking. Still, the cast is great (Robert Webb of Peep Show, Jeremy Swift of Ted Lasso, Emma Kennedy and even Dave Lamb of Come Dine With Me makes an appearance).

We never leave the room, and neither do some of the employees of the fictional workplace. The interactions provide plenty of laughs and I feel lucky that we got two seasons of it given the timing.

Find out more about The Smoking Room on IMDb.


I feel like I've been a fan of Scrubs for years, but I wonder if it hadn't been for the short-lived ABC channel in the UK if I'd have seen it much.

I'm re-watching (again) on a weekly basis to keep up with the re-watch podcast and we're already into season 6 now. Just under 3 'proper' seasons and the infamous 9th that features very little of the original cast so my re-watch of that season will actually be my first.

Find out more about Scrubs on IMDb.

The Office (UK)

I really should give the US version of The Office a go. I loved the UK version so much so that I've seen it multiple times. Not for a while, so not sure how well it stands up, but Martin Freeman's character, for one, is... *chefs kiss*.

Find out more about The Office (UK) on IMDb.

Other shows

If you've seen all of the above (good luck finding The Smoking Room), here's a quick fire list of shows I'd recommend. My disclaimer though is that I've only given them one viewing.


While do a site audit I came across this article on my favourite comedies from the 2010s from 2020! I'd completely forgotten about two of the shows featured but they're worth watching if you haven't seen them already; Fleabag and Friday Night Dinner

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