Looking back at Nike+PHP

Week 247 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2022-07-18.

I've been doing a bit of admin where I can over the past few weeks and months to consolidate the websites I have and where the content sits. Trying to get ahead of the SEO impact and wind down projects that are defunct or not as useful anymore.

One such project is Nike+PHP, a PHP class I put together almost 13 years ago to pull your data from Nike+. It was a fun project that started off on Google Code. I kept it up for 3 years, meeting some wonderful people who were looking to pull their own data out of Nike's service so that they could do as they wished.

It's real purpose was to make the data easier to deal with. XML was a pain to work with for me and turning into an object I could work with made it all much easier. At some point though, Nike switched to using JSON responses and now you can do the same and just call the json_decode() function in PHP so no real need for me to wrap a class around it.

I have no idea if any of the end-points are still valid, or if Nike+ is even still a thing. NRC seems to be their new thing. It was a huge exercise in itself trying to discover different aspects of what Nike+ had to offer. Be it the charts on display, your history or just even getting your routing information for a run.

While the project is officially dead, it's one I look back on fondly for the challenge that it was and the people I conversed with to be able to pull more meaningful data and to help squash a few bugs here and there.

Which of your defunct projects do you look back on fondly?

Tags: development, nike, php

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