Top 5 Christmas Movies

Movies that get me in the mood for Christmas

Week 112 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2019-12-16.

5. Santa Claus: The Movie

The Christmas movie I saw most as a kid, I caught the tail end last year and really enjoyed it although it's quite different to what I remember. I had no idea John Lithgow was the villain but I did remember the lollipops which looked so tempting.

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4. The Polar Express

Tom Hanks stars as, nearly, everyone. It's such a well animated movie, a little slow, but by the end it has you full of Christmas spirit.

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3. Home Alone 2

I think this was one of the first few movies I went to see as a kid and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really wanted a Talkboy, but never got one. I still haven't lived the dream of having a room at The Plaza with a tonne of ice cream.

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2. Home Alone

Everyone must have watched this by now and I cannot wait to watch this with my kids, hopefully this year. It's the source of a quote on my favourite Christmas t-shirt (I don't do jumpers) and I have no interest in getting anywhere near a tarantula.

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1. Elf

My favourite Christmas movie of all time. Bar none. I don't think I saw Elf until a few years after it came out and it's hard to believe it was 16 years old now. I finally got my daughter to watch it last year and I'm hoping it becomes part of our Christmas tradition to watch it together.

I'd argue it's even so high up my list, it arguably could have made my list of top 10 movies but because it's so seasonal, it would have been a little weird.

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