Custom Lego sets

Week 18 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2018-02-26.

Lego holds a special place in the heart of many adults and it’s a joy to see what children can build when you leave them with a set of blocks. Seeing imagination in action is a wonder ours thing.

With that said, Lego please lots of fans by making kits for all kind of things. From Batmobiles to Disney Castles and Death Stars. Lego have you covered!

There is another side to Lego that has two camps and that’s the custom build market. You have those that contribute to the Lego Ideas program in the hope to have their creations turned into reality and sold by Lego and then you have those, like Chris McVeigh who take matters into their own hands and sell their own custom sets.

My first computer
My first computer (Apple)
Lego Camera
Camera (DSLR)
My first console
My first console (NES)
Gourmet burger
Gourmet burger

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