Strange Planet

Week 72 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2019-03-11.

I came across Nathan Pyle's Strange Planet comic in the r/funny subreddit a few weeks ago and I've been enjoying following his content on Instagram ever since.

He has a real knack for hitting the nail on the head and really highlighting just how strange this planet and humans are. Below are my 5 favourites so far.

1. happy emergence day

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2. s t a r d a m a g e

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3. t h a n k y o u

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4. i h a v e n a m e d i t

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5. ❤️

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As well as the Strange Planet series, Nathan has a Threadless store and is an illustrator for BuzzFeed.

For more, head on over to @nathanwpylestrangeplant.

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