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Week 72.0 — 11th March '19

I came across Nathan Pyle's Strange Planet comic in the r/funny subreddit a few weeks ago and I've been enjoying following his content on Instagram ever since.

He has a real knack for hitting the nail on the head and really highlighting just how strange this planet and humans are. Below are my 5 favourites so far.

1. happy emergence day

2. s t a r d a m a g e

3. t h a n k y o u

4. i h a v e n a m e d i t

5. ❤️

As well as the Strange Planet series, Nathan has a Threadless store and is an illustrator for BuzzFeed.

For more, head on over to @nathanwpylestrangeplant.

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Quick links and commentary on interesting articles, videos and more throughout the week.

  1. 72.2 – Tuesday
    1. 917 concept study @porsche on instagram.com
    2. 'Decoys' trailer @CBCComedy on twitter.com
    3. Some observations on Leaving Neverland kottke.org
    4. 21 food facts that will blow your mind businessinsider.com
    5. The European Parenthesis kottke.org
  2. 72.3 – Wednesday
    1. Stone age cave symbols may all be part of a single prehistoric proto-writing system kottke.org
    2. James Acaster's Brexit tea bag analogy youtube.com
    3. The Adidas Predator at 25 Guardian Football on youtube.com
    4. 'The Public' trailer Universal Pictures Content Group on trailers.apple.com
    5. Phony Ppl Tiny Desk Concert NPR Music on youtube.com
    6. The false promise of Mark Zuckerberg's come-to-Jesus manifesto vanityfair.com
    7. 'Good Boys' red band trailer Universal Pictures on youtube.com
  3. 72.4 – Thursday
    1. The robots are coming for our jobs (thank God) kottke.org
    2. A-Z guide of the Geneva Motor Show youtube.com
    3. BEL-AIR Morgan Cooper on vimeo.com
    4. Night book lamp   24,000¥ theawesomer.com
    5. New 'Avengers: Endgame' trailer Marvel Entertainment on youtube.com
    6. Porsche Design x Puma trainers   £194 eu.puma.com
  4. 72.5 – Friday
    1. ePaper Picture Frame   €159+ Raphael Stäbler on kickstarter.com
    2. James Acaster's bits from Bake Off Channel 4 on youtube.com
    3. The apology machine daringfireball.net
    4. Every Glastonbury poster and line-up since 1970 nme.com
    5. Facebook's News Feed era is now officially over theverge.com
  5. 72.6 – Saturday
    1. Why you're recycling wrong Vox on youtube.com

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