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Celebrating the 100th edition of 1 Thing A Week

Week 100 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2019-09-23.

To celebrate 100 weeks of 1 Thing A Week I wanted to look back at one of the parts of the site that really gave it some life and took it a step closer to where I've always wanted to be: Notable items. I had this to say back in week 74:

I hadn't planned to share notable items as I thought providing content for 1 Thing A Week would have been a big enough challenge, but as I discovered there were items that didn't warrant a full week's attention. It was an inevitable feature and it offers a non-committal channel for me to share more with my audience

They've really changed the whole dynamic of the site for me and allow me to share things without the need for commentary.

So for this week, I wanted to share 5 of my favourite notable items that I've been posting over the past 100 weeks and the 5 most visited items.

My favourite Notable items

I've only marked 13 Notable items as favourites so far, but here are the 5 that really stand out:

1. Liverpool stage sensational comeback to beat Barçelona

Liverpool beat Barcelona

Football is the beautiful game but it's also one of the most frustrating. Nights like this make you love it but just a week earlier I hated it. Just as you think the wheels might be coming off as the season draws to a close, (another) miracle happened.

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2. What makes the perfect pizza

Bon Appétit's Making Perfect

I really love pizza so Bon Appétit's Making Perfect was the a joy to watch as they discovered the best ingredients on their way to making the best pizza.

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3. My wife asked me why I was speaking so softly at home...

A joke I came across on Linked In that is only funny because of the truth behind it.

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4. Underrated skill: talking to young people seriously

Advice we should live by, no matter how hard that might be sometimes.

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5. The Disapproval Matrix

Disapproval matrix

The labels are just so apt for each quadrant.

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Most visited Notable items

1. Nigel Farage is a morally empty fraud by @Femi_Sorry

I have many thoughts on Brexit and Nigel Farage, but mostly better left unsaid. Hard to argue with anything Femi Oluwole says on either topic and here he nails Farage. Again.

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2. Tattoo, explained by Vox

I longed for a tattoo for years and finally got my first back in 2014. I have the bug but haven't made the time to go back for more other than a slight expansion to my first in 2017.

Vox teamed up with Netflix to create a series of episodes on some interesting topics and this was my favourite. They covered a lot of aspects of what tattoos mean to people, their history and their cultural significance.

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3. Gordon Ramsay on Hot Ones (S8 E1) by First We Feast

Gordon Ramsay on Hot Ones

Hot Ones is compelling viewing on YouTube, especially for fans of hot wings like myself. Episodes featuring Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron and others stand out, but this was the most visited out of the ones I linked to. Plenty of bad language throughout.

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4. Nike Heads to Hawkins for debut Stranger Things collection

Stranger Things x Nike

In celebration of Stranger Things 3's launch, they teamed up with Nike to create some merchandise for the town of Hawkins.


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5. Nike Metcon 4 XD X Whiteboard

Nike Metcon 4 XD x Whiteboard

A pair of shoes that encourage you to deface them with dry wipe markers. They look comfy and functional and it's a nice touch that they can be customised.

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