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Week 42.0 — 13th August '18

Chicken wings are up there with my favourite foods. Be it KFC, Nando's or the homemade variety, they always hit the spot. I enjoy them from the oven, the grill or the fryer. Wings are king as far as I'm concerned. So it's no surprise I'm a fan of First We Feast's Hot Ones. It really is the show with the hottest questions and even hotter wings.

You may have seen an episode or two before, as a few of them have made it as notable items over the past 41 weeks but the premise is simple, the host and guest make their way through 10 wings that get hotter as they go. Every season of the show (now in it's sixth) has featured a tweaked lineup and they guys behind the show even came up with their own sauce that's now branched in to 4 different varieties.

The guests have been varied in all sorts of ways, including a few of the vegan variety. No matter what their eating though, the show is great and it's always nice to watch someone suffer for fun.

Apart from DJ Khalid and a few others, the guests are usually game but there are those few who don't know what they're in for. At the time of writing, the host Sean Evans has gone from 1 - 10 wings over 120 times. Reaching the 2,000,000 Scoville target once would be a frightening prospect for most but to do it that many times takes some dedication... and has ruined wings for Sean.

Favourite Hot Ones episodes

In no particular order:

If you're brave enough, you can always buy sauces featured on the show. For those a little less brave, you can always see how you handle a Nando's wing roulette.

Michael Cera was the latest guest and there are still a few more for season 6 to come.

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