Long live RSS feeds

Week 268 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2022-12-18.

It feels like it coincided with Google Reader being shuttered but that was probably coincidence: it just seemed harder to discover RSS feeds or they were just deemed unnecessary. I began my career around the time we entered Web 2.0 and delivering a RSS feed was just part and parcel of what you did when building a site with content that was generated over time. A blog to most people.

Single page apps seemed to come and take hold over the past decade and in some cases that meant saying goodbye to niceties like RSS feeds.

I’ve always believed in progressive enhancement and rather than client side rendering. In recent months it seems that the front-end crowd began to realise that this approach made sense and were adapting to this way of delivering content and more recently I’ve seen more people in finding RSS feeds to follow which is great.

I’ve always looked at providing an rss feed for the sites I build and I’m glad to see that there’s still plenty of love for the format and if nothing else that love seems to be growing!

Tags: rss

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