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Week 37.0 — 9th July '18

NPR's Tiny Desk Concert is literally a tiny concert behind a desk. They can be fantastic and they've opened up my eyes and ears to new music over the past year or so. I'd only recently discovered tiny desk concerts and a fair few have made it into the Notable section here over our first 36 weeks and I wanted to highlight 5 of my favourites.

5. Jorja Smith

This one feels a bit like I'm jumping on the bandwagon but her voice is great and so is this concert.

4. Tom Misch

The British man with an American twang reminded me of Conor Maynard.

3. Big Daddy Kane

2. Khruangbin

It's the first song in the set that had me sitting up and listening. I could listen to it again and again and again. The sound is both unique and familiar to me. It reminds me of both religious music I've heard of the years and funk which turns out to be a fantastic combination.

This trio from Houston, Texas is heavily inspired by 1960s and '70s funk and soul from, of all places, Thailand. That musical passion has taken them on a journey that, these days, incorporates music from Spain, Ethiopia and the Middle East

1. Tyler, The Creator

Last but definitely not least I'm not actually sure what it is that puts this set at the top, but it's right up there. Just give it a listen. Especially See You Again.

Let us know which Tiny Desk Concert is, whether it made our list or not, on twitter.


I really enjoyed Mac Miller's Tiny Desk Concert this week, but I also stumbled across Anderson .Paak, who I'd only heard before through Dr Dre's Compton. Thanks to these two, I have some new tracks in rotation.

See You Again

There's now an official music video for See You Again by Tyler, The Creator which I'd singled out before.

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