Full Frame with Becca Farsace

Week 292 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2023-05-29.

I came to terms with the fact that I'm an amateur photography a long time ago. Putting aside my Project 365 in 2016, I haven't put the time in to get any further than that but I learnt enough to at least be able to compose adequately and to take a decent photo.

Since I bought my Canon 700D in 2013, a lot has changed in the world of both professional and amateur photography. Full frame cameras are everywhere, optical view finders seem to be on the way out and every niche is being filled.

The only way I can keep up with photography hardware in any meaningful way is to watch review videos on YouTube and Full Frame with Becca Farsace by The Verge has become my favourite for this kind of stuff.

The DSLR still has a place for me, but more of a hobby and holiday camera than anything else. As much as we reach for our phones as the ultimate camera as it's always in our pockets, there are some situations where a bit more time, a larger sensor and a serious piece of glass can really make all the difference.

The majority of my Flickr photostream may contain photos from my Canon, but the frequency taking and sharing has drastically reduced over the years.

Back to Full Frame, the recent video on the Sony ZV-1 II, pitted against a niche Canon clogging camera was very well informed and positioned the two against each other really well.

Most videos are sub-10 minutes and there are none that even breach the 15 minute mark and yet Becca manages to get a ton of information into them.

Another video worth watching is Becca's video review of the Apple Watch Ultra.

The library isn't huge right now, so I'm looking forward to the next episode of Full Frame.

Tags: photography, youtube

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