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Week 260 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2022-10-17.

Another one of my YouTube obsessions, is Business Insider's So Expensive series. The series covers hand ancient crafts, food and even items from more modern times.

It's like a more artisan version of the a show I used to catch on the Discovery Channel called How It's Made. That show covered all manor of things (416 episodes) and So Expensive is of the same mould.

I actually shared their denim video a few months ago, it was a really good insight into a world I knew a little about.

Below are three completely different videos I thought were really interesting from Business Insider.

Why Calacatta Marbel is So Expensive?

Why Hasselblad cameras are So Expensive?

Why Japanese calligraphy brushes are So Expensive?

Still Standing

If you enjoyed the above videos, you might also be interested in their Still Standing series too, which looks at long standing arts that either continue to thrive or are just about surviving. If nothing else, you get to marvel at some really interesting processes around how different objects are made and also at the lack of health and safety around the world!

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