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Week 80 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2019-05-06.

I came across the Worth It food show where they look at three similar food products but at drastically different prices. With the format being so flexible, the same format was applied to lifestyle topics, covering items around the house, tattoos and more. While the food version of Worth It has regular hosts in Steven Lim and Andrew Ilnyckyj, the lifestyle series has contributions from the staff at BuzzFeed.

For each topic, the hosts try three products at three price points highlighted as $, $$ and $$$. The range in price depends on the show but the minimum has been as little as a single dollar and the top-end can see the price hit well over $1,000 and the middle can be anywhere in between.

As hosts, Steven and Andrew are both likeable and articulate to give you a real sense of how good the product is. Even the lowest priced items are often of great quality, they just don't have the excess of their more expensive relatives so when they pick their favourites (as do the crew) at the end of the show, it's not always clear that the most expensive is going to win.

Worth It Japan

Season 5 saw the show take on Japan. Of course there was a sushi episode, but egg wasn't an obvious topic to me and yet it worked really well. Who knew Japan had so much to offer when it came to cooking eggs?

Like Hot Ones, Worth It airs weekly on YouTube. Given how bingeing has become the norm on Netflix, it's nice to see shows like this air episodes one at a time but as there's no shelf life, you're free to keep up to date or binge when it suites you. The Worth It videos currently have a combined total of 25million views (Hot Ones has 23million).

In both cases, hosting these food based shows is an enviable job to have.

Worth It UK

There's a UK series of Worth It I now need to go and watch to keep me going until season 6 begins airing!

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