Late Bloomer by Jasmeet Rainer

Week 344 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2024-05-31.

I shared the trailer for Late Bloomer at the start of the year but only got a chance to watch it yesterday and we ended up bingeing the whole season.

The stories that weave through the show are heartwarming and in someways all very familiar in some way. Either personally or through association. I could recognise and associate characters to people I know and in some of them saw bits of myself.

If you're interested in having a look at immigrant life, or as an immigrant you are looking for something that is representative of your experiences then this is a great telling of that side of the story.

Jasmeet's JusReign YouTube channel is one that I happily revisit and rewatch, connecting with so much of his content and Late Bloomer is just a more professional and polished take on it but still his take.

Sincerely hope there's more to come.

Tags: tv, youtube

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