My Top 10 Moments with Klopp

Week 343 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2024-05-20.

Jürgen's last game has been played, a victory/draw/loss against Wolves at Anfield. I was lucky enough to see his penultimate game at Anfield a couple of weeks ago.

There's a ton of content out there I'm still catching up on, but I thought it was worth laying out my own top 10 moments of the Klopp era.

1. Liverpool 4–0 Barcelona

Undoubtedly the greatest moment in the Klopp era. Three down from the first leg, no one thought we could overcome the might of Barcelona. Messi & Suarez, Coutinho on his return to Anfield as an opposition player. It felt impossible and by the end of the night we all felt like the trophy was ours once again.

In truth, I'd have much rather faced Ajax in the final. As it happens, we played Tottenham instead and the potential for a game was taken away from us because of an extremely early penalty in the game that Salah put away. Had that not happened, I bet it would have been end-to-end. As it was, it was a straightforward bit of game management.

But it was the journey to the final that was best of all. I've watch the highlights reel so many times and it never gets old.

2. Liverpool 4-3 Dortmund

This was such an important game. The mentality of everyone seemed to shift and took us to the first European semi-final in years.

In truth, I don't remember much about the game other than being exhausted at the end of it all. I do remember the final that season which seemed to be going all our way until the usual (at that time) brain fart at the back.

3. Champions League Final 2019

It wasn't to be the year before. Sergio Ramos getting away with way too much, had we been full strength for the entire game I'm sure the result would have been very different. But had we won, maybe we wouldn't have seen Allison come in and who knows if we would have won the league. In some ways, it was the disappointment that drove us for the next two seasons.

4. Roma 2018

Roma are my second team so it's always a conflicting time when they play each other. In truth, Liverpool are number 1 so I'll always prefer that they prevail. Both games were brilliant. 5-2 at Anfield in the first leg, but then a 4-2 loss in the second.

It was my first proper look at Allison and with 7 goals conceded, I wasn't sure what the appeal was but there was a lot of noise and it turns out that he is a fantastic goalkeeper.

5. Allison Header

Speaking of Allison, what a goal. We often see goalkeeper's come up for a corner and then it all fizzles out. I remember screaming when it happened and it's one of those moments you feel could only have happened under Klopp.

6. Origi Header against Everton

It's not actually the goal, but Klopp's celebration on the pitch with Allison. Rather than lumping the ball forward, Allison played it forward for Trent Alexander-Arnold to cross it in. Chaos ensued and there was Origi to put the ball away.

7. Liverpool 7-0 Manchester United

The result was incredible but it wasn't the turning point in a poor season it should have been. Still, beating one of your fiercest rivals with such a big scoreline was really special.

8. Pulling his Hamstring

Referees and VAR have been awful for years now. There are potentially 6 points Liverpool have lost to VAR this season, but probably closer to 9.

  1. At Tottenham: An onside goal, incorrectly taken away for offside due to bad communication.
  2. At The Emirates: Ødegaard handball not punished when a penalty should have been given
  3. At Anfield: High boot into Mac Allister's chest from Doku was incorrectly not punished because he 'got the ball' first despite the footage showing that that assessment was incorrect.

No guarantee that we'd have won all of those games of course, but if we had that's a 9 point swing that puts us joint top with an improved goal difference and then who knows how games against Manchester United (draw), Crystal Palace (loss) and Everton (loss) play out?

But it as his confrontation with the fourth official. Completely unnecessary with instant karma applied. Total Klopp.

9. Boom

If we weren't aware of his personality already, this is the interview that always reminds me that Klopp wants it to be fun.

10. 2022 Parade

A personal highlight was being able to attend the parade in 2022. Yes, they lost the Champions League final the day before, but having not been able to celebrate the league title it was fantastic to see everyone turn up to cheer the whole team (mens and women's teams) on.

Once again, danke, Jürgen.

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