A new look for 1 Thing A Week

Week 322 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2023-12-27.

Admittedly, I cut it pretty fine and got there very late, but the new layout for 1 Thing A Week is live. It's based on SkeletonCSS and is really a work in progress, so there's more to come but for now it's more blog like than it's ever been.

As a marker of the occasion, there's a screenshot of the homepage from before I applied the update. All pages should be where they were before, just with a content focused layout. Anything functionality missing should return soon.

It was actually fairly easy to migrate across, it's the content that needs a brief update. I need to retrospectively introduce the marker for when the intro to an article has stopped for better formatting on the homepage. I also need to take care of some edge cases around tables and images. Lastly, there are pages where custom CSS was used and they need a revisit.

I haven't made a conscious effort to ignore dark mode, but there isn't one at the moment. That will come with time.

If you come across something that's out of place, please @ me.

Tags: 1 Thing A Week

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