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2017 Reviewed

Week 8.0 — 18th December '17

As the end of 2017 approaches fast, here's a roundup of year in review posts and features from various social networks and websites:

And up last, but certainly not least is Google's Year In Search 2017 video:

It's always odd to see some of the clips from videos like this for a number of reasons. Firstly you can't believe that they happened this year. Secondly, and particularly this year, you're reminded of the hardship so many people go through in a year like this.


Tom and Hubert look back at 2017 after it turns out Tom went missing for the entire year (again).

A few more articles and reviews that were made available as December drew to a close:

Genius took a look back at the most popular lyrics from 2017:

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Quick links and commentary on interesting articles, videos and more throughout the week.

  1. 8.1 – Monday
    1. Emirates First Class Suite Review CaseyNeistat on youtube.com
    2. Tyler, The Creator Tiny Desk Concert NPR Music on youtube.com
  2. 8.2 – Tuesday
    1. Top 10 Map Projections futuremaps.com
    2. Ocean's 8 Trailer Warner Bros. Pictures on youtube.com
    3. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart insult each other BBC Radio 1 on youtube.com
    4. Rome subway extension delayed by archeological finds nytimes.com
  3. 8.3 – Wednesday
    1. Sum of Histories trailer trailers.apple.com
    2. MKBHD's Smartphone Awards 2017 Marques Brownlee on youtube.com
    3. France to ban all oil and gas production from 2040 independent.co.uk
    4. How MacGuffins can ruin movies Just Write on youtube.com
    5. Gringo redband trailer Amazon Studios on youtube.com
  4. 8.4 – Thursday
    1. Hard Sun launch trailer BBC on youtube.com
    2. Lexus LF-1 Limitless teaser Roadshow on youtube.com
    3. A Futile and Stupid Gesture trailer Netflix on youtube.com
    4. Sesame Street puppeteers explain how they control their puppets WIRED on youtube.com
    5. Mental Floss List Show: 500 Facts Mental Floss on youtube.com
    6. Seven Seconds teaser trailer Netflix on youtube.com
  5. 8.5 – Friday
    1. The Planet Chair theawesomer.com
    2. Is Matt Groening a time traveller? Pat McAfee on twitter.com
    3. Slaughterbots Stop Autonomous Weapons on youtube.com
  6. 8.6 – Saturday
    1. SpaceX launch of the Iridium NEXT satellite Amanda on twitter.com
  7. 8.7 – Sunday
    1. The Grand Theory of Apple PolyMatter on youtube.com

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