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Keeping kids entertained during the COVID-19 lockdown Some links to videos, activity sheets and some inspiration

Week 129.0 — 13th April '20

It might be the Easter holidays but that doesn't stop the kids wanting to find things to do. My wife has done a brilliant job these past few weeks, not only keeping them busy with fun activities but educating them too. We've spent a lot of time colouring in, cutting out and making a general mess.

I thought it would be worth sharing some of the content we've found to help out any parents looking for stuff to do. I hope you find them useful:

Keeping active

Joe wicks is the obvious choice in the UK for a morning workout, but it's a little too intense for our kids. We found that Cosmic Kids Yoga was a much better pace for them.


We've watched Maddie Moate's CBeebies shows over the years and discovered her YouTube content this past week. With her husband, she has a live show at 11am every day which has been really entertaining.

Former Blue Peter presenter, Konnie Huq is also uploading daily content. Better for older kids, but we had great fun learning some magic tricks in one of her earlier videos.

Art & Photography

YouTube is a great resource for arts and crafts, Art for Kids Hub and Olaf Falafel's Art Club are great for instructional videos and on BBC's iPlayer there are two great shows for kids; Art Ninja and Craft Party.

If you're into photography, for some inspiration you should check out some groups on Flickr.

Activities and activity sheets

Usborne books are beautiful, we have a bunch of them, but Never Get Bored Outdoors has provided a few things for us to do in the garden. If you're venturing out for a walk each day, there are even more activities you can take part in.

I've saved the PDF sheets from both Apple and Dyson but the activities are aimed at older children than we have. We'll try a few of the activities out anyway but the Apple one in particular is built around using an iPad's various features.

Article photo by Leisy Vidal on Unsplash

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Quick links and commentary on interesting articles, videos and more throughout the week.

  1. 129.2 – Tuesday
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  3. 129.4 – Thursday
    1. New logo, identity and packaging for Cadbury underconsideration.com
  4. 129.5 – Friday
    1. False colour image of Saturn's auroras @nasa on instagram.com
    2. Apple and Google in 'standoff' with UK health service over COVID-19 contact tracing app macrumors.com
  5. 129.6 – Saturday
    1. A flow of time Paul Schmit on apod.nasa.gov
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  6. 129.7 – Sunday
    1. Google Doc of dozens of board games, card games, and puzzles that you can play online docs.google.com
    2. LED bulbs use less energy for the same amount of light informationisbeautiful.net

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