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Week 270.0 — 28th December '22

I fully expected to fulfil my 2022 resolutions and failed pretty miserably.

I didn't quite make it to 150 drawings before a cold intervened and I seemed to loose my way completely. The drawings themselves were quite time consuming and I only got through 2 full books; Mentality Monsters and How To Be Right only to stumble on Empireland. I'm actually really enjoying Empireland but lost interesting in finishing it.

My main excuses are life and work getting in the way, all in good ways, but for 2023 I'm determined to fit more time in for something other than playing games on my iPad. Rather than trying to get a book a month in, I will aim to finish 2 books and see if I can fit in a work related text too.

A much smaller goal but also more achievable.

Something I did do towards the end of the year was to launch Good Gear Club. Another project I've wanted to build for a while but never really knew how. I wanted to solve a layout problem (which I'll write about soon) and that was the inspiration I needed to get going.

It feels like it was a fairly steady year even though we navigated a few small, positive, personal and professional changes.

I ended up avoiding the year-in-review type posts from most companies this year, so won't be sharing anything of that type like I have in previous years.

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