Food Wars

Week 254 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2022-09-06.

I find myself watching way too many food-related videos on YouTube.

Hot Ones and The Burger Show by First We Feast. Plenty of content by Binging with Babish and Bon App├ętit. People vs Food is a guilty pleasure of mine at the moment and I do miss watching Buzzfeed'sWorth It, but it's the recent episodes of Food Insider's Food Wars that I've found quite interesting at the moment.

I've come across the channel before, there are a load of US vs UK and Japan videos but it's the US vs India episodes that really highlight how different different countries are in their diets and their approach to fast food. Here's their KFC episode for you to feast your eyes on:

One other thing that surprised me, having not been to India in almost 15 years, is that piri-piri is also a thing over there.

Tags: food, youtube

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