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Audi TT brochure hack

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Audi TT brochure hack

Buying a car is up there with the most expensive purchase you'll make and a short test drive is far from enough to give you a feel for the car.

Audi's sleek, new TT model features a "virtual cockpit," a digital dashboard designed to enhance the driver's experience. To help inspire prospective buyers and get them one step closer to sitting in the driver's seat, Audi hacked the conventional sales brochure, an important touchpoint in the customer journey.

This is a great take on how the experience should be, you get to interact with the virtual cockpit and see what's it like. I've driven both an Audi and a VW with this type of display and it is clear and adaptable to the content you need. I'd love to try both the Mercedes and BMW versions to see how they stack up.

Link: diegomargini.com