Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone

I planned to dedicate a week to Samsung's phones but now that it's here, it feels more like a notable item to me.

John Gruber covered their launch event quite well and The Verge have some commentary on it too.

Folded up, it's a mess. It's far too narrow to be used in this way and the screen appears to only be half the size of the available space. Looks like it would be pretty thick too.

'rear' view of the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Unlike Gruber, I'm not that offended by the notch on the Galaxy Fold, in fact because of the devices size I think the corner approach works well. There's plenty of screen left... As for the S10 series...

Samsung Galaxy S10

Gone is the notch and we now have the hole punch. Not a bad look at all, but the placement looks lazy. MKBHD covered a hole punch display and discussed why it wasn't aligned very well. It aligns better with status and notification bars. Would Apple ship something like this? I'm not so sure, but then they still sell the wireless mouse with a lightning port underneath it!

One last thing in the Galaxy Fold, in it's smaller form factor the product photos reminded me of one of Nokia's fashion phones, the Nokia 7280.

Price: $1980

Posted 22nd Feb 2019 @ 09:00

The Moon created from 50,000 images

You need to click through and see the uncompressed image that was created. What struck me most, other than the clarity, was the detail in the dark side of the moon.

I don't think I've even shot anywhere close to 50,000 photos total myself, let alone of a single object.

via mnn.

Posted 21st Feb 2019 @ 11:59

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