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Apple's new maps

Justin O'Beirne has covered the difference between Apple Maps and Google Maps more than once now and it's always an interesting read. And he asks the right question given the information to hand:

So is Apple making the right map?

Google Maps is fantastic. Apple Maps, in my experience, is not. At least not in its purpose. It's an attractive app but the substance is missing. I'm tempted to swap Apple Maps back in to my home screen to see how things are with it now, but when it comes to commuting or just getting from A to B, there's not enough time to play with if things go wrong.

Once you've read this and the other article from Justin, go back and read the rest, they really are great analytic pieces on the state of Apple Maps.

Posted 8th Nov 2018 @ 20:52

PowerPic phone charging photo frame

A great idea for a wireless charging product made even better by their example photography:

PowerPic by Twelve South

Using the same background from your phone as the photo in the frame just works so well.

Price: $79

Posted 7th Nov 2018 @ 14:39

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