New logo for Berluti by M/M Paris

Have to say, I'd never heard of Berluti before, but I absolutely love the font for this new logo. For a brand established in 1895, it looks like it should be cast in metal and proudly put on display.

Posted 29th Oct 2018 @ 15:00

Google's Night Sight for Pixel phones will amaze you

The quality is among the best I've seen for low light but Google are not the only ones stepping their game up. Look at John Gruber's examples for his iPhone XR review, the XR blows the XS away thanks to how it processes photos.

Marques Brownlee had some shots that were more compelling to me, although having seen them on a desktop, they're not as crisp as I first thought. Still very impressive.

Posted 29th Oct 2018 @ 12:00

Magic UX by Special Projects

At first, I was ready to have my mind blown but then it dawned on me that this is fairly close to how switching apps on the iPhone X format works by swiping along the home bar. Granted, that probably doesn't give you the ability to drag and drop between apps, but it's at least convenient. Moving between physical spaces seems like quite a nice idea but not practical.

There's definitely a problem to be solved here, but is this really the answer?

Posted 29th Oct 2018 @ 09:00

iPhones are hard to use

This is a treasure trove of things even I didn't know that the iPhone could do. I've been in the iOS ecosystem for about 6 years now and here are three simple things:

  • Passcodes can be passwords
  • Ask Siri 'Get me home'
  • Ask Siri 'Where am I?'

And then there's the WTF, why didn't anybody tell me about these two?!

  • Settings > Phone > Announce Calls - perfect for when I'm out for a walk
  • You can select multiple rows of photos with a long press and swipe (not 3D touch)

The one thing I have no idea about is this though:

Show a magnified absolute-centred duplicate of nearly anything onscreen you cannot actually manipulate, like whatever is in the title bar. (Try pressing and holding on the battery icon.)

I'd be really interested to know what this means as zooming is a feature I really like but whenever I have it enabled I invoke accidentally and then it persists.

Posted 27th Oct 2018 @ 01:58

Living in NYC during a crisis

This is exactly how London functions in crisis. I remember the 7/7 bombings as I'd just started working for a news company after completing university at the time. While the city paused in response, it didn't stop.

Posted 26th Oct 2018 @ 19:58

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