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The Observable Universe

The featured image illustrates the observable universe on an increasingly compact scale, with the Earth and Sun at the center surrounded by our Solar System, nearby stars, nearby galaxies, distant galaxies, filaments of early matter, and the c

Posted 22nd Aug 2018 @ 14:02

LogicInk, programmable tattoos

They look like those tattoos you used to get with gum or those chalky white sticks as a kid but have a basic function too. In the case of their launch product on Kickstarter, they have a UV sensing 'tattoo' that changes colour in the sun giving you an indication that something is up.

Posted 22nd Aug 2018 @ 08:02

Mandy trailer

The aesthetic reminds me of Stranger Things, as if they mixed the neon style titles with the dark look of the upside down.

Posted 20th Aug 2018 @ 17:23

Watchmen is coming to HBO

I enjoyed the graphic novel and the movie was a good adaptation (apart from the ending). HBO have done a great job with series like Westworld and Game of Thrones so really looking forward to this.

Posted 20th Aug 2018 @ 14:23

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