2020 Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster has already been covered here on 1 Thing A Week (#4) and it looks awesome. Here we get to see it from angles I haven't seen before as well as a short sprint from what will be one hell of a production road car.

Posted 24th Aug 2018 @ 15:58

PlugBug Duo MacBook charger

Twelve South often come out with some interesting products but this is up there with the most useful I've seen. Not only will it work internationally thanks to the travel adapters but it offers quick charging for compatible phones too. And it's red. Looks like they've done a great job with this one.

Posted 24th Aug 2018 @ 08:29

Tattoo, explained

Vox's Explained short documentary series looks at different topics in each episode and this one on tattoos has been my favourite.

After many evenings spent watching Miami Ink years ago and increasing the desire to get a tattoo, I'm now inspired again to look into it once more. I already have one, but I do want more!

Posted 23rd Aug 2018 @ 19:53

We'll be f**king back

I really enjoyed season 1 of The End of the F**king World, which I caught on Netflix despite it being a Channel 4 show. Looks like season 2 was picked up by Netflix so it will fun to see where the story goes.

Posted 23rd Aug 2018 @ 07:53

adidas Copa Tango 18.3 indoor boots

These look like a modern day version of the old Samba shoes that adidas make.

I only came across them because I saw a post from @soccerbible on Instagram where they were featuring the new Predator Tango 18+ TR indoor football boots.

Predator Tango 18+ TR

Posted 22nd Aug 2018 @ 23:02

Aerial photos reveal the stark divide between rich and poor

It's so blatant and yet it seems to absurd.

Posted 22nd Aug 2018 @ 20:02

ffeel logo and brand

I really like this logo, it's simple but feel friendly. It looks like the smaller f has its arms around the taller one, almost like a younger sibling giving its older brother or sister a hug while they have their arms folded because they're just too cool.

Posted 22nd Aug 2018 @ 17:02

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