Adidas Samba Luxhniki

Adidas Samba's really should be my go to shoe. They're comfortable and if ever a game of football broke out I could join right in. They were the best shoes I had for indoor football growing up.

Posted 25th May 2018 @ 12:41

Ferrari SP38

A one off from Ferrari that looks less like a Ferrari and more like something I'd expect to see a Lotus or Koenigsegg badge on it. All that said, it's stunning.

Posted 25th May 2018 @ 09:41

ROYAL WEDDING - Bad Lip Reading

Third comedy piece on the Royal Wedding this week.

Posted 24th May 2018 @ 05:10

Top 5 Smartphone Cameras: The Blind Test

I couldn't pick a favourite for the test, so awarded points to each camera I think performed best each time. Photos C, D & E for example each got a point for the second photo.

Posted 23rd May 2018 @ 20:10

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