Magnetic curtains

While this looks like a fantastic idea for large spaces where you need to clear a space quickly I can't imagine how frustrating it would be trying to put the curtain back in place.

Posted 18th Apr 2018 @ 14:36

Rotio Compass

I remember having one of those old school compasses with a point at one end and a bit of lead at the other (or a hole for a pencil) and how frustrating they are. I even found an old set that my Dad had given me when I was younger but it was frustrating to get to grips with. This looks a hell of a lot easier to use.

Posted 18th Apr 2018 @ 08:36

Jaguar I-Pace first drive

The EV market is growing and getting more and more exciting, Tesla did a great job at not only kick starting the conversation but proved that EVs work and that they're the future.

Posted 17th Apr 2018 @ 14:02

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