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Nokia 2720 Flip

A long time ago, I owned a Nokia 6600 Fold and it is still one of the nicest phones I've ever had. The flip action to open was really satisfying. It was my last feature phone and I've had a smart phone of some sort ever since.

I stumbled across the 2720 Flip on Instagram and the keyboard layout just looked really... inviting.

Nokia 2720 Flip opened

The top part reminds me of the steering wheel buttons on a modern Mercedes while the number pad harks back to the 6600 Fold I had all those years ago. It even has some killer features:

  • Up to 28 days of standby time from a single charge
  • Some social media apps (WhatsApp & Facebook)
  • In Case of Emergency features

It's a shame that the rear camera is just 2 MP which puts it on par with its predecessor and there's no front facing camera for video calls.

With all that said, it's £80!

Price: £79.99

Posted 2nd Mar 2021 @ 11:18

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