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Aperture: Senior QA (2004-2005)

I really liked using Aperture for editing, it's a shame Apple decided to can it, it doesn't support newer RAW formats and won't work on the latest version of macOS.

In a way, it's reassuring to read that development isn't really any different no matter how much money you throw at it, but it's also very surprising that I've had the good fortune to work in environments that don't have such a toxic culture when things are hard.

Posted 13th Feb 2020 @ 08:33

Foldable Moto RAZR Unboxing & Second Thoughts!

It's been a week of foldable phones, MKBHD covering the Moto RAZR and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip just a couple of days apart.

It's crazy to me that we're only just at the point of seeing foldable phones for real, years after OLEDs have been around, and that the materials used is so fragile. I had a Nokia flip phone which never encountered damage due to trapped dust. It even used pretty powerful magnets to keep closed and had a great flick to open action. Surely something that can be achieved in a far smaller mechanism these days, I mean look at how many magnets Apple put into the back of the iPad Pro to get their cases and keyboards to line up correctly.

Posted 12th Feb 2020 @ 12:01

How ads follow you around the internet

Pretty good explainer for how cookies work on this week's topic of off-Facebook activity, which I highly encourage you to review.

It's crazy how a simple feature has been abused so much. I have no qualms from individual 'entities' from tracking habits at large for their own purposes of customisation and analytics. The latter is an important part of being able to judge success, but all of this needs to be as anonymous as possible which is where it's all just fallen apart.

I mean, even drawing tablets are tracking what you're up to.

Posted 6th Feb 2020 @ 13:57

Petrol and diesel car sales ban brought forward to 2035

2035 is a better target than 2040 but it really couldn't come soon enough. Car manufacturers have had over 100 years to clean up their act and yet full-combustion engines still make up the majority of sales. Hybrid technology should be the bare minimum in every car sold today.

Posted 5th Feb 2020 @ 20:38

Roads can be made from plastic waste

Why is this not already a thing?

Posted 5th Feb 2020 @ 15:12

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