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Security & Privacy

1 Thing A Week will constantly evolves but has two goals at it's heart:

  • Take your privacy and security seriously
  • Get you to the information, fast

Security & Privacy

Your security and privacy are both very important. Google Analytics is used only to gauge content popularity and visitor counts but track far more data than that and certainly more than I require. I don't story any data relating to your visit myself. If I am able to find a viable alternative that anonymised data I will make the switch and amend this policy accordingly.

Affiliate links and ads are displayed to help to generate revenue and fund the running of the site and I aim to make this as transparent as possible be transparent about such items.

When embedding content I will use the privacy enabled options where possible. Third parties may track you as a result of these embeds.


Scripts are used sparingly and I follow best practice to make things as fast as possible.


No matter what is linked to or embeded, the cleanest version of the URL will be used, getting you to the content as quickly as possible.

Notable items that may link to an affiliate are marked with a $.


1 Thing A Week does not drop any cookies itself however, some of the services used do. The cookies you can expect to see are listed below:

CloudFlareTracking legitimate users of it's service to provide a fast experience while protecting 1 Thing A Week against attacks
Google AnalyticsWebsite analytics, we use the service to gauge the size of the website's audience
YouTubeNon-tracking version is used, but cookies are still dropped
TwitterEmbedable tweets

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