Mercedes-Benz EQC

Not a fan of the face on the new EQC but 0-60 in 5s and 300 miles of range is great. Anxiety busting kind of range we've really only seen front Tesla so far.

I drive a hybrid at the moment and love it's range (~410) miles which is approximately 30% more than we get from our other car. I've been looking at cars on and off for the past 9 months and it's really only the Mercedes c350e or the BMW 330e that interests me from a plug-in hybrid front. Of course a Tesla Model S would be fantastic (no CarPlay) or the new Audi A6 range which has soft hybrids.

Choice is still fairly limited and to ease both range anxiety and make a softer transition more plug-in hybrids should be on the market. There should really be more of an incentive to sell and to buy them.

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