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How to build a low-tech website

This concept is close to my own ideals about the internet, where getting to information should be fast. The old adage about Google and SEO should really be updated from "content is king" to "clickbait is king" to reflect news in the modern world.

The Apple News does a fantastic job of highlighting this, clickbait headline with 4 or more paragraphs to get through before you get to the sentence that's important. I often find myself scrolling quickly for quotes to be completely underwhelmed.

I've spent a lot of time building 1 Thing A Week with one of the most important goals for it to be fast. I haven't gone to the extremes mentioned by Low←Tech, but the bigger players in the market need to be thinking more like this and less about things about which JavaScript framework is the best or more and more effective ways in which to track you so that they better monetise your digital persona.

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