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Google Pixel 3 Impressions!

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Google Pixel 3 Impressions!

Just a month ago I was covering the 2018 Apple iPhone event but I've never had quite the same enthusiasm for products offered by Microsoft, Samsung or Google.

Microsoft unveiled new hardware this month and Google just officially announced the Pixel 3 which had been leaked. The Pixel 3 looks great, but it's taller brother, the Pixel 3 XL has a chin and deep notch. Not really for me, but two of the other products really spoke to me.

The Pixel Stand looks great and offers an assistant mode when a Pixel 3 is docked. Now the Google Home Hub is the one that really appealed. I already have a Google Home Mini (unplugged at the moment) which is fun and fairly useful but with a 7" screen I can see it really excelling somewhere like the kitchen where it can provide help with recipes and timers or distractions for those with a short attention span.

A Pixel 3 exclusive feature is Screen call, which transcribes the conversation in real time allowing you to decide whether you pick up or not. This looks like it might be what the assistant they provided a real demo of last year has evolved into and it looks really powerful. This is a feature I'd love to see come to iOS.

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