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Go inside the Middle East's ultramodern city of extravagance

It's been close to two decades since I visited Dubai but I have many friends and family who frequent it's shores regularly. There's plenty of appeal for tourists and it appears to be one of the more accommodating nations from the region. It's even the scene for a number of the beautiful 4K flyover screensavers on the Apple TV.

Perhaps it's the man made beauty that makes it easy to forget that even areas of the world that have seemingly escape weather based natural disasters, it's still at the mercy of climate change.

Here, too, Dubai has gone too far. The city and its neighbors find themselves on the front lines of climate damage. Rising summer temperatures threaten to render the Gulf uninhabitable, perhaps within the current century.

A country built on excess and trying to forge a path without relying on oil anymore is at the mercy of the damage caused from burning oil. Ouch.

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