TechCrunch: Facebook pays teenagers to install VPN that spies on them

I'm not sure what's more insance, that Facebook did this or that there were people interested in selling everything about them for $240 a year.

TechCrunch have since provided an updated:

Facebook now tells TechCrunch it will shut down the iOS version of its Research app in the wake of our report. The rest of this article has been updated to reflect this development.

But Android users will still be able to participate. Who could even think that this was a good idea, no matter the compensation? Got to agree with Gruber:

No regular developer would get away with this. Facebook is betting that their apps are too popular, that they can do what they want and Apple has to sit back and take it.

It's taken far less for other apps to be pulled. It's not been a great year for Facebook and their approach to privacy. What will be uncovered next?

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