U.K. Parliament report calls Facebook 'digital gangsters'

The article is now titled "As U.S. dithers on Facebook, Europe pounces". I fear that this is going to be one of the last times that the U.K. will be able to compile a report that has any sort of impact. Leaving the EU is going to reduce any influence we have and we'll probably be playing catch up or adopting the laws of the Union we 'voted' to leave:

Why it matters: U.S. regulators have fewer powers at their disposal and have moved more slowly than their European counterparts, leaving Europe to frame the debate over tech firms' privacy controversies, misinformation problems, and potential antitrust violations.

Large fines can't come soon enough. This is a damning statement from the report:

"Facebook has not provided us with one example of a business excluded from its platform because of serious data breaches," the report says. "We consider that data transfer for value is Facebook's business model and that Mark Zuckerberg's statement that 'we've never sold anyone's data' is simply untrue."

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