Anti-vaxx propaganda has gone viral on Facebook. Pinterest has a cure

“We are doing our best to remove bad content, but we know that there is bad content that we haven't gotten to yet,” explained Ifeoma Ozoma, a public policy and social impact manager at Pinterest. “We don't want to surface that with search terms like ‘cancer cure' or ‘suicide'. We're hoping that we can move from breaking the site to surfacing only good content. Until then, this is preferable.”

Having previously run a forum and various projects, hosting only what you deem to be acceptable is hard. I really do get it, but here we have one social network choosing to deny information to it's users for their own protection and another where anything goes. Both in and out it seems.

The Guardian's headline includes 'Pinterest has a cure'... would be interested to know how this impacted engagement. If anything, the rise of factual content and demise of anti-vaxxers should be welcomed by all.

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