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Why are the BBC and ITV creating BritBox?

You can register for updates on the BritBox website and I didn't know that the service was already available in the US & Canada with a landing page that rips of off Netflix' own that they may as well have put their logos in white capitals inside a red box!

The BBC's own tech correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones quiped that the competition regulator blocked 'Project Kangaroo' 10 years ago when the BBC and ITV attempted to launch a joint streaming service.

BBC's iPlayer is great and the ITV Player isn't bad, just ad supported which and they offer a premium service that removes ads.

It is an imperative for ... ITV, that the broadcaster develops a digital offering that reduces reliance on advertising and gathers data on the viewing habits of consumers. ITV Player has done a bit of this. BritBox will supercharge it.

Who will this be aimed at? What content will it have that their existing services cannot offer?

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