A better way to tax the rich by Vox

Tax is one of those things that is very odd to me. Evading what you owe is one thing, but hoarding cash is another. Bill Gates can be applauded for his philanthropic ventures, an example of which is to eradicate malaria, but there are many who would benefit from a share of his net worth closer to home.

I fully understand a company hoarding cash. It's a sign of success and should be used as some point to evolve the business but when it comes to individuals it doesn't sit as well with me.

I'm not sitting on £1million, unfortunately, but if I was, would I be looking to avoid paying the tax owed on the way it was accrued? I'd like to think not.

Not necessarily celebrities who may or may not be as well off as they portray but this is one of the many problems that face us, helping others is of course important but we're often encouraged to do it when perhaps we're the ones in need or close to it.

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