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Why everyone is watching TV with Closed Captioning on these days

Called subtitles in the UK, it's something I used all the time. Before digital TV services, you turned them on by using the Teletext service on your TV and choosing page 888. It worked across all channels if the show supported them and even worked for live TV.

Enter the digital age and set top boxes, still one journey to turn them on, but handled differently depending on the brand. Some had dedicated buttons on the remote, others hid the option in menus.

It's a feature we've used way more since having kids. We pretty much have them on all the time now. It cuts above noise and keeps the volume down.

I've even mapped a command on our remote to take it from 4 clicks down to one to turn them on or off when using our satellite set top box. I just need the BBC to support them on the Apple TV.

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