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Logitech Circle View camera

Logitech's third iteration of home security cameras and it's certainly a nice looking bit of kit. We have the Circle 2 but haven't made the switch to HomeKit secure video yet. Mainly because it seems to be problematic according to quite a few of the threads on Reddit I've seen.

After quite a bit of research, the Circle camera was the one we settled on and this looks like a really nice upgrade. Mounting wasn't hard, but this base looks like you get a bit more flexibility when choosing where to mount the camera.

Now, one issue I see is the physical button that disables audio and video. This means that for outdoor use it needs to be out of reach. Ours is at a comfortable height for two reasons:

  1. It offers a 180° field of view, so we have our entire street covered with the height it's at
  2. So that the camera and speakers are at a comfortable height for conversing

Admittedly we very rarely do the latter, but this is how smart doorbells work and it has meant we have a brilliant view out of the front of our house.

Lastly, back to HomeKit Secure Video, we really like the Circle app from Logitech. It gives you an easy to watch summary of the day. I've not see the same from HomeKit and it's kind of the killer feature of the Circle subscription. You get the current day for free, but pay for the top subscription and it does a rolling 24 hour summary.

But all in all, a nice update from Logitech.

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