Facebook and Ray-Ban ‘Smart' glasses

Nick Heer:Notopoulos reports that Facebook added the LED That Must Not Be Covered on the advice of privacy advocates. Apparently, this was not a thought that had independently occurred to those developing the product. Facebook is not a company that values privacy, and its internal culture reflects that.

Have to say it's disappointing to see a brand like Ray-Ban collaborating on a product like this. The LED is not big enough to be useful. There's a video on the Facebook product page and they show a ridiculous conversation between a woman wearing the glasses and a passer by.

There are lots of references to 'privacy' but it's not clear to me what this means actually means in the world of Facebook. It's the privacy of the people you're capturing in a photo or video that probably matters most with a product like this but the video and documentation gives me the impression that it's your own privacy they're protecting. Whatever that means.

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