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New York City is forcing some cars to slow down

We recently brought a car and it can read speed signs and will display the current speed limit on the instrument cluster. Nice to see at a glance and if you go above, while it doesn't restrict you, it will flash as a silent warning. I think you can enable audible warnings too in our case.

In addition to a bunch of other tech, our car does feel extremely safe, so I don't really object to these types of features. While we're still in control of the whole experience though, I feel that they need to be passive in their application. For now.

If autonomous vehicles really become a thing and the scales tip in their favour then it would make sense for them to become more intrusive.

I have wondered many times why car companies shout about safety features very few drivers benefit from. Lane keep assist is almost always a paid option or "standard" as part of the most expensive configurations. If safety was the top priority then these features need to trickle down faster into smaller models, but at the base level too.

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