Top Lightning-based Apple products that must switch to USB-C by 2025 for EU sale

The idea itself, to move everything to USB-C, is not a bad one. But we only have two options now, we don't have the mayhem of the period that proceeded Lightning and USB-C. Every manufacturer had their own cable, and even between devices there were incompatibilities.

Everything is either USB-C or Lightning. Nothing in between, no variations, just two formats. The change to USB-C is inevitable for the iPhone, so I'm not sure the legislation is really necessary.

2022 marks 10 years since Lightning's introduction and it was hailed, by Apple, as the port for the next decade. Well a decade passed and I had hoped the iPhone 14 would go the USB-C route.


Good Twitter thread from Bryan Jones on the whole situation. Maybe it won't be so bad, but mandating the inevitable is a bit weird. If anything, this would have made way more sense before.

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