John Gruber on Meta's Earnings


That ARPU extrapolates to about $45/year. Would you pay, say, $50/year to get an ad-free experience on Facebook's products? A year or two ago I'd have said yes, just for Instagram. (My Instagram use has decreased significantly since then.) I realize they're not going to offer that, but “average revenue per user” is an interesting metric.

So for all of that invasion of privacy, whining about App Tracking Transparency and the terrible algorithmic and ad-driven experience on Instagram all for ~$45 a user per year.

Given their drive and investment on their ad-driven model I genuinely thought it would be hundreds of dollars. It does equate to $90billion for Meta (Facebook), but who needs to be generating that level of revenue anyway? And all this after a round of layoffs.

Sometimes, Big Tech is just awful.

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