Electric car road trips are perfectly doable — if you plan ahead

Axios took a 1,500 mile road trip along the East Coast of America.

What we found: You can make a long road trip without fear of getting stranded, as long as you plan ahead.
  • That means juggling route-planning apps and billing accounts with various charging companies, which can get confusing.

This is what makes Tesla's infrastructure pretty compelling, it should all just work. Having to juggle apps and accounts depending on the charger is very different to optionally using a loyalty card when paying for petrol.

I'm not an EV owner, but to reduce friction, being able to pre-pay for a certain amount of energy (I'm thinking of a similar situation to using an Oyster card on the tube in London) or paying at the end of a charge with a tap of your phone or bank car would be the no brainer here.

EV adoption isn't going to slow because of the friction but I would have thought he friction isn't going to make it any faster.

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